Student Assistance

Student Assistance Program

Clarkson University is pleased to offer our students access to counseling and mental health services through The Wellness Corporation. The program is a comprehensive Student Assistance Program that provides many counseling services free of charge to UGC students. Services include:

24/7 Telephone Access to Mental Health Counseling
Call WELLCONNECT NUMBER: 1-800-326-6142 for unlimited confidential telephone access to counseling services.
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Community Referrals
Sometimes the support you need just can’t be provided remotely. If you feel like the world is on your shoulders, help is just around the corner! WellConnect is committed to helping you manage the competing demands of school, work, family and everyday life by connecting you with resources right where you are — in your own community! You have access to up to four counseling sessions with a local mental health provides. All information is confidential. Call WELLCONNECT NUMBER: 1-800-326-6142 for a confidential session with a mental health counselor

Budget and Debt Consulatation Services
Money problems can be a huge source of stress, and they can distract you from other goals and make you feel tied down or powerless. For students who are struggling with financial issues, or who are simply seeking to better manage their finances, Clarkson University program offers extensive budget and debt consultation services for free. This program will connect you with a trained and certified financial counselor to help you address your fiscal concerns.

Financial Counseling and Planning
WellConnect provides comprehensive financial counseling that will enable you to answer all of your personal financial questions. You can speak to a financial advisor about financial planning, investments and taxes to properly prepare for your future

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