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Format: On-site

Locations: Capital Region

Credit Hours:

16 courses includes 1 full year internship

Cost: price per course

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Thank you for your interest in Clarkson’s Master of Arts in Teaching program. With a 25-year history of success, the program offers prospective teacher candidates all the tools they need to be successful secondary classroom teachers.

The Clarkson Master of Arts in Teaching program is the right career choice because:

Most of the students who join the Master of Arts in Teaching program arrive with a bachelor’s degree in the discipline they want to teach. No prior education or pedagogy coursework is necessary. The program also welcomes teacher candidates with some education coursework or initial certification.

The Clarkson Master of Arts in Teaching program prepares candidates for secondary certification in biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, technology (k-12), mathematics, English, social studies, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Latin, Russian and Spanish.

If you think our program is the right fit for your career goals, please contact us so we can connect you with a faculty advisor. A pre-teaching advising track and minor are available for current Clarkson undergraduate students. To learn more, click this link.


MAT Curriculum (38 credits total)

Required Core Courses:  (9 courses/29 credits):  All students complete the required core.

  • ED 502 – NY State Teacher Requirements (1 credit)
  • ED 540 The Psychology of Teaching with lab component (3 credits)
  • ED 541 Essential Reading Literacy (3 credits)
  • ED 511-16 Curriculum and Methods of Teaching (the discipline in which the student will become certified) (3 credits)
  • ED 550 Effective Teaching for All Learners (3 Credits)
  • ED 501 – Teaching Practicum (1 credit)
  • ED 551 – Teaching Internship (4 credits)
  • ED 560 – The Modern Teacher (3 credits)
  • ED 552 – Teaching Internship (5 credits)
  • ED 544 – Literacy for the Content Classroom (3 credits)

Research Project:  All students complete an independent research project in their certification area

  • ED 580  MAT Project (Prefix will listed by discipline ex. HIST 580 for MAT Project in History). (3 credits)

Subject Area Courses:  Students complete two electives in the subject area in which they will be obtaining certification.  (6 credits)

Additional requirements:

  • One-year teaching internship
  • Master’s research one-term classroom-based project
  • Computer Literacy
  • Two electives in the subject area for which certification is sought

The Clarkson Teaching Internship
MAT graduate candidates complete a half-day, year-long internship in a secondary school, taking full responsibility for at least two classes. Students will be interviewed at the site(s) where they expect to intern. Entrance into the teaching internship portion of the program is contingent upon completion of Psychology of Teaching and the appropriate Curriculum and Methods course with minimum grades of “B” and with permission of the Chair.

Admission Requirements


  • The equivalent of an undergraduate major in the discipline the candidate would like to teach.
  • Undergraduate liberal arts core including courses in humanities/arts, writing/communication, social sciences, STEM and 1 semester of foreign language
  • ED 500 – Field Experience – Four days of structured observations in secondary schools.  Can be arranged by CRC Department of Education Coordinator.  Please call 518/631-9870 (Must be completed prior to summer intensive; can be completed in fall or spring in year one if student select the 2 year program.)
  • Educational Psychology (an undergraduate course, or independent study with Clarkson’s CRC Department of Education exam. Must be completed prior to summer intensive; can be completed in fall or spring in year one if student select the 2 year program.)

A complete application file consists of the following items (click for more information):

  1. Application Form
  2. Resume and Statement of Purpose
  3. Letters of Recommendation – 3 letters required
  4. Official Transcripts
  5. Test Scores – GRE* and 80 for TOEFL/6.5 for IELTS (if applicable)

* GRE maybe waived for some applicants.

Supplemental information may be submitted if desired: this could include any other information that may help us evaluate your application.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the program have a 100% success rate on the NY State Teaching exam as well as a 95% rate of placing students in teaching positions in 2015.

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Catherine Snyder
Chair Department of Education
Capital Region Campus
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If you are interested in learning more, have questions or are ready to apply contact:
Dan Capogna
Graduate School Coordinator

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