MS in

Data Analytics

a/k/a Big Data

Everybody wants it. Corporations, governments, startups and small businesses crave the insights buried beneath mountains of big data. But they are realizing they need specially trained and highly skilled people who can turn endless streams of data into business intelligence.

Clarkson will make you a master of data analytics and the demand for your knowledge and ability will make your career opportunities almost limitless.

This is the Degree That Changes Everything

Big Data is everywhere. Making sense of it all demands a multi-dimensional, cross-disciplinary approach. Clarkson’s custom-developed program blends business, mathematics and computer science to deliver an unmatched comprehensive, industry-ready data analytics skillset.

Gain a competitive advantage

Big Data Job Trends (Indeed.com)

Turn big data into smart data

How is big data used to make decisions? - Percentages out of 100 (Experfy.com)

Improve operations efficiency: Reduce fraud, waste and abuse

Big Data Organizational Benefits - Percentages out of 100 (QuinStreet Enterprise 2014 Big data Outlook)

Understand the factors that turn consumers into customers

U.S. E-Commerce Sales (in billions), 2014-2018 (eMarketer, Forester Research)

No matter your academic or professional background, you can get the analytical skills and learn critical methodology to make the most of big data. (If you need or want to take prerequisite courses, Clarkson makes them available on campus or online in summer, before the first semester starts.)

Use knowledge-discovery skills and information visualization to mine data, formulate predictive models, interpret findings and articulate the value of data.