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For the absolute best in flexibility and convenience, Clarkson offers several accredited online graduate programs taught by the same industry-experienced faculty that have earned Clarkson its exceptional reputation. Clarkson’s online courses use a variety of delivery methods to ensure an unprecedented online learning experience while maintaining maximum flexibility for the student. Along with ample opportunities for collaboration with other students, Clarkson online students have direct access to the same resources and services as all Clarkson graduate students, along with becoming part of its global powerhouse alumni network.


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At Clarkson, we offer a diverse selection of distance learning courses each semester. With classes in Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology and more, our course lineup is an engaging way to continue your education.

Summer Quarter 2017
↓  June 12, 2017 - August 18, 2017

BIE575-5753Ethical Issues at the End of LifeSteinbock,Bonnie
BIE575-61Ethical Issues at End of LifeSteinbock,Bonnie
BIE681-5766Research Ethics 1Philpott,Sean
BIE695-5751On-Site Practicum-CEEPhilpott,Sean
EC605-5729Managerial EconomicsTBD
EC605-D1Managerial EconomicsFrascatore,Mark R.
HC604-5730Hospital AnalyticsScimeca,Paul
HC604-D1Hospital AnalyticsScimeca,Paul Joseph
HC609-5731Healthcare CRMHaimowitz,Ira
HC609-D1Healthcare CRMHaimowitz,Ira Joseph
HC647-5736Statistical Foundations of Data AnalyticsPoeth,Dean
HC647-D1Stat Found of Data AnalysisPoeth,Dean Frederick
HC648-5732Health InformaticsOtto,Peter
HC648-D1Health InformaticsOtto,Peter
IS501-61Mathematics of ManagementBowman,Alan
IS502-61Introduction to ProbabilityBowman,Alan
IS606-5733Business Information SystemsOtto,Peter
IS606-D1Business Information SystemsOtto,Peter
IS647-5734Statistical Methods for Data AnalyticsOppenlander,Jane
IS647-D1Stat Methods for Data AnalyticOppenlander,Jane
ME599-5772Master of Science Graduate Project in Mechanical EngineeringTBD
ME599-61Graduate Project In Mech EngKozik,Robert John
OM686-5769Quality Mgmt and Process ImprovementKauffman,Bret
OM686-D1Quality Mgmt & Process ImproveKauffman,Bret
OS603-5737Leadership Development II - Leadership & Organizational CultureSauer,Stephen
OS650-5735Competing By DesignBelasen,Alain
OS650-61Competing by DesignBelasen,Alan
OS681-5738Strategic ManagementOrmsbee,Floyd
OS681-D1Strategic ManagementOrmsbee,Floyd S.
SB610-5748Corporate Ethical and Social ResponsibilityTBD
SB610-D1Corp Ethical & Social ResGravander,Jerry W.

Fall Quarter 2017
↓  September 6, 2017 - November 14, 2017

AC604-61Fin & Managerial Acct, Dec MkgDeJoy,John
AC613-61Adv Auditing and ResearchDeJoy,John
BIE510-61Biomedical EthicsSchwab,Abraham Paul
BIE535-61Medicine & Social JusticeRhodes,Rosamond
BIE555-61Research EthicsPhilpott,Sean Michael
BIE568-61Emp Meth in Healthcare PolOppenlander,Jane
BIE570-61Bioethics Policy: FoundationsPhilpott,Sean Michael
BIE590-61Clinical EthicsTBD
BIE630-61Masters Project IBloom,Amy Samantha
BIE671-61Responsible Conduct of RsrchPhilpott,Sean Michael
BOE610-61Fund of the Bus of EnergyAddepalli,rajendra
BOE610-61Fund of the Bus of EnergyLawrence,David John
BOE611-61Planning & Ops of Power SysClayton,Roger Edwin
EE699-61MS Grad Proj in Electrical EngTorrey,David Allan
FN608-61Financial ManagementFeng,Zhilan
HC600-61Intro to Health SystemsStrosberg,Martin
HC606-61Payer AnalyticsLichtig,Leo Kenneth
HC610-61Hlthcare Acct & FinanceGavin,James M
HC620-61Health EconomicsLambrinos,James
HC626-61Health Systems MarketingHuppertz,John
HC648-61Health InformaticsOtto,Peter
IS501-61Mathematics of ManagementBowman,Alan
IS502-61Introduction to ProbabilityBowman,Alan
IS647-61Stat Methods for Data AnalyticOppenlander,Jane
ME599-61Graduate Project In Mech EngTBD
OM603-61Decision Analysis &SC ModelingBowman,Alan
OM681-41Strategic Project ManagementTBD
SB651-61Communicating GloballyBelasen,Alan

Fall 2017
↓  August 28, 2017 - December 8, 2017

CE506-D1Advanced Construction EngTBD
CE510-D1Sustainable Infrastr & BldgBackus,Erik C.
CE538-D1Finite Element MethodsHelenbrook,Brian
CE556-D1Engineering AnalysisDempsey,John P
CH561-D1Chemical Engineering AnalysisKrishnan,Sitaraman
CS541-D1Intro Automata TheoryMaciel,Alexis
CS547-D1Computer AlgorithmsTamon,Christino
CS550-D1Software Design & DevelopmentLiu,Yaoqing
CS555-D1Computer NetworksLiu,Yaoqing
CS555-D11Computer NetworksLiu,Yaoqing
CS652-D1Computer VisionBanerjee,Natasha Prashant
CS707-D1Seminar in Computer ScienceTamon,Christino
EE501-D1Digital Signal ProcessingBanavar,Mahesh Krishna
EE507-D1Computer NetworksLiu,Yaoqing
EE529-D1Stochastic Processes in EngAhmadi,Goodarz
EE529-D11Stochastic Processes in EngAhmadi,Goodarz
EE535-D1Power System ReliabilityLi,Jie
EE539-D1DielectricsMcGrath,Paul B.
EE566-D1Computer ArchitectureLiu,Chen
EE572-D1Digital CommunicationsBanavar,Mahesh Krishna
EE582-D1Advanced ElectromagneticsCheng,Ming-Cheng
EE585-D1Neural EngineeringRobinson,Charles J.
EE610-D51ECE SeminarLiu,Chen
EE652-D1Computer VisionBanerjee,Natasha Prashant
EE667-D1Computer AlgorithmsTamon,Christino
EM660-B1Cost Mgmt & Financial AnalysisFarr,John Vail
EM660-B2Cost Mgmt & Financial AnalysisFarr,John Vail
EM680-B1Decision Analysis & Risk MgmtTBD
ES530-B1Env Sustainability & Risk AnCrimi,Michelle
ES530-B1Env Sustainability & Risk AnRossner,Alan
ES530-N1Env Sustainability & Risk AnCrimi,Michelle
ES530-N1Env Sustainability & Risk AnRossner,Alan
EV610-D1ISE Graduate SeminarHeintzelman,Martin D
FN540-B1Finance for EngineersVondras,Michael J.
IA501-D1CalculusSkufca,Joseph D.
IA502-D1Probability and StatisticsSkufca,Joseph D.
IA503-D1Introduction to ProgrammingConlon,Tyler J.
IA510-D1Database Mod, Design & ImplemJukic,Boris
IA520-D1Opt Meth for AnalyticsTeague,Edward B
IA628-D1Intro to Big Data ArchitectureHou,Daqing
IA650-D1Data MiningSkufca,Joseph D.
IT501-D1Software SystemsMaciel,Alexis
LW620-B1Environmental Law and PolicyDixon,Sean Thomas
ME529-D1Stochastic Processes in EngAhmadi,Goodarz
ME529-D11Stochastic Processes in EngAhmadi,Goodarz
ME543-D1Advanced Optimal DesignWillmert,Kenneth D.
OM650-N1Op Strat & Int CompetitivenessRiley,charles allen
OM680-B1Strategic Project ManagementBissonette,Michael Martin
OM680-N1Strategic Project ManagementIssen,Marshall G.
OM685-B1Quality Mgmt & Process ImproveMarsh,Steven F.
OS666-B1Negotiations/Relationship MgmtOrmsbee,Floyd S.
OS666-N1Negotiations/Relationship MgmtOrmsbee,Floyd S.
SB641-B1Adv Topics: Simulation & AnlysTBD
SB687-B1Special Graduate TopicsTBD

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