Build Your Own Adventure.

Ignite Stamp

Picture a place where, if you dream it, you can build it. And once you build it, you can engage with experts and collaborate with fellow makers interested in solving real-world problems through innovative designs.

This is Clarkson Ignite.

At its core, Clarkson Ignite serves the entire campus as an innovation ecosystem that connects students to faculty, staff, alumni and community leaders to gain critical hands-on creative experience. How? Through shared space aimed at stimulating intellectual curiosity, developing entrepreneurial mindsets and skillsets, expanding firsthand learning and making experiences, and forging social and professional connections.




ig·nite /iɡˈknight/ verb

• catch fire or cause to catch fire

• to pursue innovation intensely with powerful purpose

• how Golden Knights defy convention to innovate with impact



Join us in the Studio.


Projected Student Involvement in the ignite program is to have 50+ majors participating in the future.

Located in B.H. Snell Hall Room 238, the Studio is outfitted with materials for rapid prototyping and team collaboration. Check out this video that shows how a team of Clarkson students turned a regular computer lab into a one-of-a-kind creative space that every student can use to experiment, invent and collaborate!

What Does Ignite Do?

Clarkson Ignite is continually evolving to harness student ideas in order to cultivate a space where imagination, creation and innovation all belong. Here are some ways you can build your own adventure:

The President's Challenge

As Golden Knights, we think, make and ignite innovation. You came to Clarkson with a purpose and we believe in your ability to roll-up your sleeves, recognize opportunities, create value and change, and defy convention.

Now it’s your turn to compete in the inaugural President's “Make to Learn Challenge!” Interested? You should be. You can win $25,000 in prizes available during the 2017-18 academic year.

Click here to find out more.


Inspiring Speakers

The Ignite team at Clarkson invite speakers to campus to inspire and motivate the community with the spirit of innovation and collaboration. The speakers that we invite have first hand knowledge of innovation and collaborative ecosystems and how they help serve the community as a whole.

See our upcoming and past Ignite speakers

Get Hands On

Workshops to Build Skills

Dremel 3D Printer in action

Learning to build your future through these interactive initiatives helps you, the campus and the community as a whole. We put on various workshops throughout the year. See upcoming and past workshops that interest you on our Skills Page.

There will also be lunch and learns, collaborative team sessions and challenges that are all wrapped into the innovation ecosystem.  As Ignite grows, so can you.

Ignite Events in Global Entrepreneurship Week

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) runs from November 13th to November 17th this year. GEW brings together successful entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs to discuss all aspects of developing, starting, owning, running and protecting a business. The events for GEW week are listed below.

Nurturing Future Innovators & Entrepreneurs: Incorporating Technology in the Classroom

November 13th - Schenectady, NY

Educators need to redesign and transform their teaching practice to better reflect the current technological era we are living in. In doing so, they will better prepare students to have more critical interactions with these new technologies and engage as being creators of resources rather than passive receivers of information. Adolescents have opportunities like never before to construct, create, and share with a public audience. The possibilities are endless, as these technologies are constantly evolving, and remain in a state of perpetual growth for the foreseeable future. Our students are future entrepreneurs and innovators, and need to be taught how to utilize a variety of technologies, as well as given the space and opportunity to design on their own. Allowing teachers to engage and interact with technology they can easily incorporate into their curriculum is not only beneficial, but imperative. Clarkson’s Education Department and Institute of STEM Education will partner with the Museum of Innovation and Science, in Schenectady, NY, to host an evening that showcases how current technologies can be integrated into the classroom, and allow students opportunities for innovation and production.


Alumni Success Series: Rick Klauser

November 14th - Potsdam, NY B.H. Snell, 7pm

Klauser '85: CEO, Sprout Foods, Inc. shared insights on leadership and career success in the food and beverage industry as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week. This session was presented by Knight Class, the Honors Leadership Program, and the Roundtable Society.


NY Biz Lab – Clarkson Lunchtime Entrepreneurship Series

November 15th – Schenectady, NY

The NY Biz Lab - Clarkson Lunchtime Entrepreneurship Series is a monthly event the features regional talks by successful entrepreneurs. The event, started in April of 2017, consistently draws 60+ attendees. Topics have included, "How to build your business without venture capital", "The Exit: Getting your company positioned, the process, and life after the exit", "Transitioning leadership". In recognition of GEW, we would like to invite a prominent entrepreneur from outside of the region for the November 15th event. 


Ignite Fest

November 16th– Potsdam, NY Student Center 11am-4pm

Curious about Clarkson Ignite? Interested in the President’s Challenge? Join us from 11am – 4pm in the Student Center to meet and network with campus and regional resources, participate in innovation challenges, and win prizes! Check in at the registration table and grab your Ignite Fest passport and score an Ignite CamelBak then visit with the resource partners to be eligible for more prizes like Apple Watches, Amazon Alexa units, 3D pens, GoPro cameras and more! Get Ignited!



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