Previously Enrolled UGC Students

Previous Union Graduate College students and those who take a first Clarkson University CRC class in Winter Term 2016 or before, will remain on the previous Union Graduate College’s tuition schedule through December 2017.

Student Tuition is based on a per course basis

School of Education

  • MAT Programs (including internship) – $2,025 per course
  • MA Programs – $2,530 per course
  • Certificate Programs – See catalog

School of Engineering/Computer Science

  • All – $3,060 per course

School of Management

  • Preliminary Courses – $650 per course
  • All Degree & Certificate courses – $2,995 per course

Center for Bioethics

  • All – $2,725 per course**

** This tuition applies to students enrolled in joint MS in Bioethics program courses. Students enrolled in the MS in Clinical Leadership degree program are charged School of Management tuition because the courses taken are cross listed with School of Management courses

Graduate Study Fees

  • Graduate School Application fee: $75
    • Pay Application fee
  • Resource fee: $350 Degree Programs; $150 Certificate Programs (due at time of matriculation)
  • Withdrawal Charge:
    • Requests prior to the start of the term or prior to the second class meeting (after 1st) – Refund is 100% of tuition and fees minus $100 deposit
    • Requests prior to the third class meeting (after 2nd) – Refund is 75% of the tuition & fees
    • Requests prior to the fourth class meeting (after 3rd) – Refund is 50 % of the tuition & fees
    • After these periods there are no refunds. This is based on 1 class meeting per week.
  • Late Registration: before classes begin (after registration period) $50, within 1-7 days of 1st class $150, within 8-14 days of 1st class $300
  • Diploma Fee: no charge, part of resource fee
  • Transcripts: no charge, part of resource fee
  • Parking Fee: $15 (annual)
  • ID cards – 1st one is free of charge (Part of resource fee), replacement cards are $25
  • Graduation Fees – no charge, included in resource fee

Other Graduate School Costs:

Book/Supplies – $1,200 (approximate for full-time)

Housing & Board – Graduate students live off campus. Housing and cost of living in the area is moderate. An average is $8,800 annually for both depending on students’ individual needs.